Lotus on Chinese Porcelain

2020-09-08 00:24:13 China Pictorial 2020年8期

Lotus on Chinese Porcelain

There used to be a common understanding that the lotus was introduced to China alongside Buddhism. In fact, the plant is native to China. Remains of lotus have been found in Neolithic Hemudu Culture and Yangshao Culture ruins in China, dating back 5,000 to 7,000 years.

The lotus pattern on porcelain, however, emerged and became popular during the Three Kingdoms (220-280), Jin Dynasty (265-420), and Northern and Southern Dynasties (420-589). After diversification and evolution over centuries, it reached a peak during the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) dynasties with exquisite and complicated designs on various styles of porcelain.

Forbidden City

June 2020

Dialect Protection and Inheritance

A wide variety of dialects are spoken in China. However, due to various factors such as accelerating urbanization, increased population migration, and promotion of Mandarin, the influence and usage of regional dialects has dropped precipitously, with many dialects even disappearing.

A dialect is not only a form of language, but also cultural carrier. Each dialect carries a cultural code of a specific region of China, and some dialects even carry various forms of intangible cultural heritage. They have considerable cultural and historical value. Protecting and inheriting dialects is protecting and inheriting Chinese culture.

China News Weekly

July 2020

Delivering A New Life

During the COVID-19 epidemic, seven million delivery men not only filled the stomachs of at least 300 million people in China, but also went the extra mile for countless people quarantining themselves at home. Now, on-call delivery goes far beyond food to penetrate every corner of life including cosmetics, daily consumables, medicine, and health products.

Doorstep delivery has reshaped lifestyles, consumption habits, cultural entertainment, and aesthetic styles. It has become a sort of spiritual carrier of the era in terms of outsourcing chores, saving time, and even realizing fairer living standards.

New Weekly

July 2020

Golden Age for Domestic Animation

In 1961, Chinas first color animated feature film Havoc in Heaven was released. In todays context, this must-see Chinese cartoon with which a generation of Chinese children grew up holds the key to the identity of Chinese animation.

Half a century later, when an animated film adapted from a source material similar to that of Havoc in Heaven became the highest-grossing Chinese animated feature in history, domestic animation regained traction in China. Some believe Chinese animation is reaching a golden age.

Sanlian Life Week

July 2020

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